Delicate Flowers

by Delicate Flowers

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This EP is a prelude to my debut album. It was written, along with the songs on the upcoming full-length album, during the winter of 2015. The EP was recorded at Skylar Ross Recording in Wayne, NJ.


released October 6, 2015

All instruments played by Eric Goldberg

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Skylar Adler at Skylar Ross Recording

Artwork by Keith Williams of LKFFCT and Ice Giant



all rights reserved


Delicate Flowers New Jersey

Delicate Flowers is a band featuring members of NGHTCRWLRS, The Nico Blues, All Sensory Void, and the Sound is Fine. Stay tuned for new music.

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Track Name: Inherently a Drag
I'm kind of shy, I guess, I know
That I bloom a little slow
I kind of thought I'd know myself
By the time I turned 28

And I don't feel that I'm a million miles off
But sometimes I feel like I am a million miles

From where I want to be
And by now at least I can start to see
That everything in my little world
Is meaningless inherently

And I thought that by now I could give this all some meaning
But it seems like those ideas were just my raw humanity

Kind of poking through my clothes
Written on my sleeve
It kind of is a drag to not have
Anything to believe
To believe
Track Name: As Obvious
As obvious as though it ever seemed
I think I found the obvious in you
With troubles piled, together she smiled
Like a child I found a comfort coming through
Though war was taught and battles fought
I never ever knew a peace so well

And I didn't realize it when your eyes first met mine
That green bugs and strawberry tastes could ever be my only design
Of paradise

Thought I felt beauty before we met
I never knew such beauty I could hold
And when seasons change and we're not the same
You'll still be a perfect picture when you're old
With paintings dried and songs I've tried
You'll always be my only masterpiece

And no sight or sound could ever perfectly describe you
But still I'll try a little harder every time

Cause forever would be fine
For a simple ideal of mine
Track Name: Fathers
My father isn't perfect but whoever is
He treats me like his father did him, and his father's father with his
And psychologically these relationships live on
Cause although they were known as fathers, they were once also sons

But if I were a father, well, what kind of one would I be?
I've watched my friends become fathers and they take it seriously
Though many defend having kids passionately
I won't claim to know the struggle but it doesn't look easy

Isn't my life already complicated enough?
As I fill up my time with things I like to think that I love
Though I'd be lying about a love that I ever felt
Dare to care more for another than I ever could myself

To raise another well-adjusted individual
And pass on my traits and flaws, hope, fears, and all
Watch the years go by as he grows up to be
A reflection of my father's father, my father, and me